High rollers are players who make large enough bets in online slots. Such players originally existed in poker, but then the term has become firmly established in the use of other games. High rollers don’t just waste millions on bets. They understand how much to bet, which sets them apart from the mindless newbies. After all, high rollers always have their own techniques and approaches in their pockets, which can significantly increase all the chances of winning. Casinos usually have special conditions for such persons, because they give the casino a lot of money. It makes sense to keep them and give them generous prize money.

High roller types

High rollers can be divided into several groups. The first group is the pros. They are ready to place bets in order to improve their financial situation. They usually use mathematical calculations, they are fluent in the mathematical apparatus, take into account their results and never take an extra step. Calculation only, hardcore only.

The second category is amateurs. The excitement and various advantages that the club gives them are more important to them. For example, they like that they have their own status in the casino, they stand out there, they have their own bonuses. However, they usually spend a lot, not really thinking about how to beat the money back later.

There are usually no fixed betting limits. In most slots, you can bet from 20 bucks for a spin to become a “special” client. If the casino has been around for a long time, it will have pretty tough conditions on who enters the hall of fame. Therefore, it will take years there to gain credibility. In Russian halls, usually even a bet of 5 bucks or more can become such that it will be enough to enter the list of high rollers. Everything is individual and depends on the chosen casino.

What bonuses are offered to high rollers

Of course, no one will play at a loss just like that. Therefore, the casino seeks to interest precisely those who make high stakes, because this audience is the most interesting and monetary. Therefore, there will be generous prizes for such users:

  • High withdrawal limits.
  • Various bonuses and add-ons to the account.
  • Cashback availability.
  • Quick withdrawal of money without checks.
  • Various gifts for the holidays.
  • Individual promotions for each specific status user.

Usually high rollers have their own managers who answer support questions. Any issues will be resolved very quickly and often even contrary to the rules of the system.