What is sports betting – risk and excitement or profitable activity?

Sports betting is a risky business, especially for beginners. For those who want to quickly “raise the dough”, this method will definitely not work. Here you need to have a lot of knowledge and apply it correctly. Only in this case there is a chance to make a permanent profit.

Much depends on what kind of sport you are interested in. According to statistics, the most difficult sport is basketball, since everything there can change in a matter of seconds.

Even the most professional tappers run the risk of losing, but they stick to their own well-developed strategy and are in the black over the long haul. This is the only way to make money without risk, but it is quite difficult to learn it.

A person who decides to make money on bets must have the following qualities:

  • Cold calculation . To start making money on bets, it is necessary to study the information in detail and analyze the statistics of opponents for each specific match in order to make the most correct bet. All the advice of professionals says that such a position is the only advantageous one;
  • Great experience . It is impossible to bet on a specific team without having an idea of ​​the composition, the nature of the game, etc. The more experience, the more balanced decision you can make;
  • The presence of a deposit . It is impossible to learn how to make money by starting with 50 rubles. By playing with a small pot, you are guaranteed to be in the red as there are no 100% winning events. The more funds are at the initial stage, the more income is in the distance.

Gambling people have no place in such activities. Here, a detailed calculation of each situation is required in order to receive income in most cases.

Pay attention ! It is impossible to earn 100 percent on bets, even for a professional. It should be understood that the normal return per month is 70% of winning bets. Only detailed analytics will allow you to regularly come out in plus

Types of bets

To start betting, you need to know the types of bets used in bookmakers. Let’s talk about each type of bet in more detail.


A single bet, which can be expressed in three outcomes: a victory of 1 team, a victory of 2 teams, or a draw. In this case, you need to understand that the bet will play only if the event occurs before the end of regular time. That is, if in extra time the team scores or evens the score, it will not count. In the menu of any bookmaker there is a separate section that allows you to bet on a win in extra time.