Some players call this card game a sport, since the possibility of winning depends not only on chance, but also on the intellectual abilities and psychological skills of the person.

Two or more people can play poker at the same time. Depending on the variety of this card game, there are several phases of the gameplay. At the beginning of each of them, the participants must make a bet if they are ready to continue playing. Also, at each phase, new cards are dealt. After receiving them, the players determine whether they make a new bet or leave the game.

The winner is the player who collects the best combination of cards.

Also, the participant can win by bluffing. To do this, having on hand not the best combination of cards, the player must continue to place bets. At the same time, with his actions and appearance, he must convince opponents of the opposite. Other players in such a situation, fearing to be left without a win, refuse to participate in subsequent poker phases.


The rules of blackjack are pretty simple. Players place their bets first. Then the dealer gives them two cards, and himself one or two. Each card means a certain number of points. The player’s task is to score 21 points or the number as close as possible to this indicator. To achieve this goal, he can take any number of cards.

When a player has 21 points, he wins. If there are more than 21 points, then the participant is awarded a defeat. His bet goes to the casino budget.


According to the rules, baccarat is similar to blackjack. All participants are dealt two cards. The player must score a combination equal to 9, or the sum of points as close as possible to this number. The third card will be given to the player if he was able to score less than five points with the first two.

Bets from participants are accepted on a player, a bank or a draw.


Now this type of gambling is popular in land-based gambling clubs and online casinos.

The European roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors. They are marked with numbers from 1 to 36 and 0. There are 36 cells on the playing field: 18 red, 18 black numbers and “zero”. They are arranged in three rows. During the game, the ball is thrown onto a concave rotating reel, which is divided into slots with numbers. When the roulette wheel stops spinning, the ball stops in one of the cells with the corresponding number. This number becomes the winning one.

The essence of this type of gambling is that the player places a bet on where the ball will fall.

There are 38 numbers on the American roulette wheel – from 1 to 36, as well as 0 and 00. In this regard, this type of gambling is often called double zero roulette.


In this type of gambling, the possibility of winning depends only on chance.

Participants in the game are given cards, each of which depicts a unique set of random numbers. Then a lottery drum is started with balls on which numbers are indicated. The numbers come out in a random order.

If the dropped out number is in your card, then it must be indicated. To become a winner, a player must match one of the combinations on the card: in a horizontal or vertical row, diagonally, numbers in the form of a geometric figure and other options. When this happens, he should shout out “Bingo!”


It’s a dice game. Craps is considered one of the most ancient types of gambling.

The essence of the game lies in the fact that the participants place bets on what number will fall out when throwing a six-sided dice – a dice, in a series of throws or when throwing several dice. Participants can place bets on win or lose.